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Yen Duong expresses her passion for art and design through jewelery. The core of the design process is to create jewelery that embodies comfort and radiates confidence when the distinctive pieces are worn. Yen's designs are engaging, the tactile nature of the jewelery invites touch and interaction. The physical movement and visual fluidity in her designs encapsulate a rare intriguing quality.

Yen is fascinated by the structural construction of jewelery and how this influences the feel of a piece. By focusing on elegant and considered designs her work addresses complexities that go beyond the purely aesthetic.

Proud of her Vietnamese heritage and complemented by an early childhood spent in Wales, Yen takes delight from a diverse upbringing. Upon graduation from Sir John Cass in 1995, innovation drove her creative direction.

Yen Jewelery, established in 1996, retains an uncompromising passion for thought-provoking design. Experimentation and re-creation enable the collections to remain fresh and contemporary.

Necklace " Gold Drop "
Necklace " Gold Pendant "
Necklace " Fine Gold Drop "
Necklace " Innocence Cluster "
Bracelet " Adorn "
Bracelet " Molecule Simple "
Necklace " Molecule Joy Drop "
Earrings " Molecule Joy  "
Earrings " Molecule Gold "
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