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Veronique Lalot

To photograph, for Véronique Lalot, is to track or provoke light, color, movement, with a predilection for collective and anonymous human activities – the city, traffic, construction sites, fairgrounds… Certain series of images “white” or “black” – landscapes, mists, waterfalls – come as a counterpoint to this guideline. The media are varied: black and white photography, painted photography or multiplied by collages and reliefs, digital photography. Born in 1953, she lives and works in Paris. First black and white photos in 1975, during his studies at the School of Arts and Techniques of the rue Blanche theater. Then and until 1999 she explored various techniques: photo-collages, photo-volumes (sculptures), photo-paintings (painting of black and white prints with inks). The themes are urban: building sites, demolitions and transformations of the city. Since 1999, she has worked exclusively in digital. She continues to photograph the city, what happens there (construction, dance, music, carnival) but also moving landscapes (waterfalls and fires, very recently).

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