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Valentine herrenschmidt

From her years in the theater, Valentine Herrenschmidt has retained the passion for words.

Trained in precious metals at the Ecole de la rue du Louvre, she now sculpts metal wire freehand and creates calligraphy jewelry and sculptures in wire, silver and gold.

His unique works reveal the power of meaning at the turn of a precious graphic work.

Virtuoso and poetic, his universe combines tribute to twentieth century artists and words of authors.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

"le massif des ecrins"
"cultive le partage..."
"la chance unique"
"qui chuchote..."
"boîte de curiosité"
"boîte de curiosité"
"boîte de curiosité"
"boîtes de curiosité"
"pensées flottantes"
bijou calligraphié
"la vie est belle"
sculptures calligraphiées
sculptures calligraphiées
sculptures calligraphiées
"La courbe de tes yeux...
"O mon amour..."
"Je dessine donc je suis"
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