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Tibo Streicher

Born in 1980, Tibo Streicher is an artist from Lapoutroie, in Alsace.

Tibo Streicher is a traveling bird who gleans his inspiration from the four corners of the world and only lands in his studio in the Cévennes to reinvent his own territories.

The photos taken during his wanderings are the soil in which he plants his landscapes. He washes them out, covers them with pigments, reveals them. The result is timeless landscapes, conducive to wandering. Urban territories, where everyone can indulge their wanderings. Scenery where you don't really know what has just happened, or what is on the horizon.

"follow me"
"BKK, Sonraï"
"berlin, remind"
beijing, morning
"gare du nord"
"arrivo a venezia"
"subway parapluies"
"subway taxi driver"
"gare du nord 1"
"gare du nord 2"
"gare du nord 3"
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