Urban cross-sections, slices of a city, architectural labyrinths: Thikent's work reveals the complexity and instable balance which governs our contemporary lives.


The chaotic and sometimes oppressive atmosphere in some of Thikent's peintographies de Thikent demonstrates how our living space and freedom has reduced. However the artist's message is optimistic because despite all "it works".


A piece of sky, some human activity, a new born skyscraper or a colored detail bring hope and unity to the Thikent's artwork.



Created in studio, Thinkent's bedegraphies stage real persons within a cartoon universe. Each visual is carefully prepared in advance. The sets are drawn either on cardboard or plastic. The style is volontarily naive.


With this curious mix between photography and cartoon, Thikent demonstrates here that artistic work can be funny and poetic at the same time.

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