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Stefanie Kölbel

At the age of eight, Stefanie learned the technique of bobbin lace which is still very popular in the Vogtland region. After studying textile art with an emphasis on lace, she now makes her delicate, award-winning jewelry using the traditional technique of bobbin lace. She makes them from ultra-fine steel or silver wires and hand-dyed polyamide threads that allow her to create flexible structures and voluminous shapes. In the process, a line becomes a surface, a surface becomes a three-dimensional piece. The spindle technique brings transparency and lightness. The result of these ultra-fine materials and great skill are beautifully filigree treasures whose value cannot be defined by the materials but rather by the time it takes to handcraft each individual piece.

Stefanie works in her own workshop for contemporary bobbin lace jewelry. She shows  her work regularly in national and international fairs and exhibitions.

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