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Sophie michalon

Painter born in 1966 in the Val de Marne, Sophie lives and works in Paris. From her travels in Scotland, the Netherlands or Italy, she brings back landscapes where the sky invades the entire canvas, where the light is captivating.

Sophie stages nature giving her paintings a life of rare sensitivity. We are under the spell. Passionate and whole woman, she is an artist who paints with her heart.

His quest for light leads him to sublimate the ordinary of things and the most innocuous objects. She knows how to work with matter, thus balancing 'opacities' and transparencies. His painting is subtle.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

"l'autre ciel de Wassenaar"
"Glen Affic"
"la petite poire"
"petite pomme et son quartier"
"les piments"
"les autres bouteilles"
"les bouteilles roses"
"lake district"
"dans la campagne d’Eindhoven"
"la clémentine et les bouteilles"
"la bouteille bleue"
"en route vers Lyon"
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