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Roger Dale

Roger Dale, born in September 1950 in Liverpool, is a Canadian and English landscape painter, currently living and working in Strasbourg, Alsace. He has also been a professor at the Haute école des arts du Rhin since the early 1980s.

​ His work is essentially landscape, exclusively from nature. Roger Dale has a particular interest in reality and the way we look at it, as well as in the balance of order and chaos: how order is grafted onto chaos. Despite the apparent hyperrealism of his paintings, they lack detail and are extremely gestural and dynamic. Roger Dale more or less ignores the "rules" to work in a very intuitive way. Seeking to deepen something, he is not afraid to repeat himself. On many of his landscapes, Roger Dale focuses on a point and draws what he sees, without looking anywhere other than the central point he has chosen. This is why, on his canvases, generally the middle is sharp and the edges are blurred. ​

Words are today free expression, which from collages associated with images are transformed by the chemistry of its composition into a pop world halfway between reality and the ideal, to offer with talent the pleasure of the eyes, the heart and spirit, a subtle mixture or questions or answers.

A universe suspended between two, in which slices of personal life intersect with universal elements.

Nicholas Van Orton

"ophelia #2"
"paradise lost"
"paradise lost 2"
"buisson ardent"
"buisson ardent 2"
"st. michael's lake"
"route de la verrerie"
"les deux rives"
"la source"
"dreams that float away"
"on the bridge"
"jacob's ladder"
"we will meet on bridges"
"hommage to william kurelek"
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