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Renald Pierre

Rénald Pierre was born in 1988 in Châtillon-sur-Seine.

As a child, he was already modeling the clay with his potter father.

He has devoted himself exclusively to sculpture since 2010.
After training in stone cutting, engraving and ornamentation, Rénald Pierre deepens various sculpture techniques while preparing a degree in art history.

It is by working with stone first, clay, but also wood and bronze, that he expresses his talent.

The Burgundian sculptor is influenced by several big names in contemporary art and his inspiration comes from nature and animals.

“What interests me in sculpture is having to understand the material in order to achieve one's ends”. 

With a particular affinity for animals, Rénald Pierre unveils a fascinating bestiary, powerful works whose looks captivate you. The artist's concerns are the quality of the rendering and the transcription of the details of the work. He works with several types of clay which have patinas with varied and unique chromies. Unique pieces in terracotta.

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