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Rada Tzankova


I collect the works of Rada Tzankova and it is in this capacity that she asked me to talk about it. It is a difficult task because one cannot really say that one “looks”, nor even that one “contemplates” a painting by Rada. The idea of ​​a dive would more accurately express what one feels when approaching one of his works. A plunge into a world of delicacy, exquisite finesse, poetry and intelligence. An intelligence that is sometimes gloomy, but where hope is never far away in a line of gold or color or in a white, wide open to the sky. Hope for a lighter humanity, more imaginative, less constrained, less compartmentalised. From her native Bulgaria or her African travels, she brought back these dazzling images, full of light, otherness to the other and melancholy. She seems as if in permanent exile, foreign to the vicissitudes of mortals. She is, I believe, from another world, of which her paintings are like the windows. She paints with this free and de-academic spontaneity which suggests that her soul has hands. With infinite precaution - sometimes even meticulousness - she lays down this multitude of traces and dots that are like the line of an arrow that breaks our armor and reopens our hearts. To paraphrase Paul Claudel, one would say that “Just as God said things should be, his painting repeats that they are”. Finally these windows, it would be good on our childhoods that they open."

Alban Caillemer du Ferrage Lawyer at the Court of Paris ​

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