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Mariette Forges

Mariette was introduced to fine arts very early in her education. But after two years of Beaux-Arts studies at Bourges in France Mariette decides to become a physiotherapist.


After 15 years as a physio, Forges decides to quit and dedicate herself to sculpture. Her work is surely the result of combining both her skills as a physio and her artistic talent.


"The body talks. Its attitudes, its shape, its texture, everything is language. The body's expression is an inconscious speech nobody can stop. My sculptures, representations of the body, have also their own language."


Mariette Forges is shown in France, in the US, in Lebanon, in the UK, in Belgium and in Japan.

L'enlèvement d'Europe
Le divan
La cavalière
Vive la vie
Nu allongé
"les chanteuses gospel"
"la reine"
"la bouée"
"la cavalière"
"eve et la pomme"
"la douce"
"10 petits bustes"
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