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Only you
Captaine America
Liberty Kola
True love
United we stand

Born in Paris in 1974, Pop-Art artist JOSEPH celebrates humor and superficiality while denouncing the era of consumerism. These colorful works, which give them a retro look, are inspired by advertising, comic strips or tin capsules, symbols of the pop universe of our society, which the artist celebrates in all its forms.


The lacquered surface of his works recalls the enamel billboards of the first half of the 20th century. A finish that showcases an ideal world, an American dream in which ever-beautiful women and ever-smiling men are trapped in a layer of resin and epoxy frozen in a faint reflection of themselves, a pale copy of a copy: life that imitates art that imitates life.


Joseph is visually inspired by the symbols of the consumer society, but goes beyond. Based on the observation of a population that is never satisfied and thirsty for change and possibility, he builds modular works composed of interconnected panels that are deconstructed and reconstructed according to their wishes.


Joseph brings Pop-Art to its logical conclusion: an art form in which the consumer takes their place alongside the artist in the creative process.

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