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Fabiana Laghi

Born in 1965 in Faenza, Fabiana has developed over the years a distinct originality and an inexhaustible imagination in the creation of ornaments and jewelry with materials "stolen" from nature.


These are microcosms, sculptures with meticulous details through which her passion for nature is revealed by the choice of materials used, such as wood, horn, mother-of-pearl or shells, which she "meets" during of his travels.


She gives them a new dimension by associating them with gold, silver and precious stones and thus creates unique pieces, because nature never repeats itself. ​

Boucles d'oreilles " Legami "
Boucles d'oreilles Créoles
Monoboucle " Legami "
Collier " Legami "
Bracelet " Legami "
Bracelet " Legami "
Bracelet " Legami "
" La bacca "
Il bruco
La pigna
Bague Legami
Bague Legami
Boucles d'oreilles
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