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Par d'autres chemins

Like the classical surrealists at the beginning of the last century, Lamiel haunts flea-markets, antique book shops, and a good many attics desperately hoping for the appropriate ‘chance encounter’.
Once recuperated, what was perhaps considered deadweight material is then given a new existence and new vitality, truly becoming parchments of life which combine past and present .

Recuperate : repossess


the craftsman in her conceived her technique, the artist purified her pallet of subtiles tints that evokes the imprint of time .
Lamiel goes from the chance of her finds to her painter’s necessity .

Technique and materials apart, it is more than anything else in the emotional and sentimental impact of her artistic creations where her true uniqueness resides.
Rarely has such simplicity been transformed into such sublime, truly mesmerizing images, which convey serenity and harmony.
It is an art that exudes warmth; indeed,

it literally warms the heart.

Looking at her work, studying it, one cannot help but enter into its realm;

more than just a viewer of her work, one becomes an explorer, seeking out every new things to see in the sphere that each artwork depicts .

Never has the belief that the real subject matter of art is not so much in the body of the work but inside each of us.
Here more than anywhere else, you have to let the gaze detach from the body to occupy the space all around.

The artist manipulates with a sober wisdom, a figurative force at the limits of monochrome:
A particular vision of Orientalism with all that this contemporary gaze sets aside between dream and reality in a proposal that generates while maintaining the feeling of journey .

From this exhibition "By other paths" emerges a sweet poetry, wandering and elusive.

As many great artists have pointed out, you have to create with the heart more than with the head.
A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art.
When the devouring rhythm of the modern world strikes and crushes the soul, Lamiel’s Art reminds us that we have one.

Jeremy Lester

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