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Christine Lacour

Christine Lacour was born in France, lives and works in Paris.

She studied at the National Superior School of Nice-Villa Arson and at the European Higher Institute of Fashion (ISEM-Paris).

She worked in fashion as a stylist, taught applied arts for several years without losing sight of her anchoring with painting which today becomes her only activity.

Passionate about art, shekeeps an open mind and is inspired by other artists, painters, musicians, filmmakers, photographers and writers.

Christine Lacour is interested in large maritime spaces, she brings them a look that is both poetic and plastic and makes resonate in us the play of force of the immense nature.

In his work, water is the major element, its movements, its transparency, its unpredictability.

Pauses, moments of contemplation, withdrawal, violent and deafening waves, feeling of plenitude, meditation, turbulence, transparency, so many evocations that Christine Lacour launches on canvas, paper, metal plate or others.

The intensity of the gesture is stronger than the quality of the pigment or its support. The passage, the density, the overlays of colors eliminate all other concerns.

Plan of the sea, swimming dreamed like an underwater dance, Christine Lacour's painting brings together intimacy and cosmos.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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