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Carl Smith

" Instant Classic "
"Ready to Roll"
" Sound Waves "
" Natural Beauty "

Having grown up in Santa Fe New Mexico, Carl Smith was inspired by the vibrant art scene there and at a young age began experimenting with a variety of mediums including ceramics, metal welding, cement sculpture, painting, screen printing, graffiti, and even bronze casting.

After completing his BFA at Cooper Union in New York City Smith moved to Berlin Germany and has since continued exploring the mixed-media approach he has developed, which uses a combination of collage, photography, screen printing, and painting. Using this mixed-media approach, numerous limited edition prints are produced on archival Rives BFK cotton paper, large scale paintings are created on stretched canvas or linen, and many one of a kind pieces are done on wood which are finished with a lustrous resin lacquer .

Smith finds inspiration in the multi layered experiences he has while living in a big city and through the language of Urban Art Smith seeks to tell visual stories and anecdotes. Some of these compositions are simply to capture a mood or a moment, whereas others are elaborate metaphysical landscapes depicting a world of simultaneous occurrences.

Smith has now exhibited his work in France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Holland, the USA, and the UK

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