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Box, with lid


Box with lid presents the result of research of six jewellers, who have worked on « the box » as the object of dialogue between the jewel and its receptacle. They have created a common playing field, with a space for everyone, around a box, that binds them and welcomes them. Travelling from hand to hand, studio to studio, then from Brussels to Paris, it now contains our jewels, and we invite you to open it.


For their collective exhibition Composite for Parcours Bijoux in 2017 they favoured working in pairs than working on a mutual topic. This year, based on a collective constraint, they want to propose a stronger dialogue through their six different universes and pieces of jewellery.

Aurore de Heusch
Chloé Noyon
Claire Lavendhomme
diederick van hovell
Isabelle Carpentier
Lou Sautreau
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