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Maria Frantzi

Maria Frantzi was born on the Greek island of Rhodes in 1970. Her parents were jewelers and this is perhaps the reason why she developed such a passion for jewellery: she remembers playing with them like most children play with toys. She studied in Thessaloniki and opened her first jewelery studio in 1988. She moved to London in 1999 and now supplies jewelery to a range of boutiques and galleries in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. She also participates in several European jewelry fairs. every year.​ She is also fascinated by the history of jewelry. Our ancient cave ancestors killed animals, ate meat, used fur for warmth - and bones and teeth for jewelry. People may say that jewelry is a thrift store, but jewelry was perhaps the first thing created by human beings that was not necessary for mere survival. Throughout the ages, jewelry has been used to express prestige, power, faith and love. A final thought: the ancient Greek word for jewelry is kosmima, which has the same root as kosmos (world).

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