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Anne Valverde

1995: Laureate of the Grand European AGFA Competition.

1999: Creation of Premier Déclic, a professional photography studio specializing in Corporate portraiture.

During a trip to the United States, the reunion with New York initiates a new path, and he leaves "New York Serial Colors".

This is the start of "Cities' Icons": a series on the graphics of cities and their architectural symbols. Hong Kong, London and Tokyo will then follow.

The objective of his photos: to be springboards for the imagination, an open door to dreams and escape: "windows with views" on the cities.


"you are here at sunrise"
"st exupery dream"
"somewhere on the cap"
"somewhere in cap ferret"
"somewhere on the beach"
"snow dream"
"dream green"
"bamboo night"
"bamboo sunset
"chamallow dream"
"dream beach"
"dream deck"
"dream blues"
"peace love and dream"
"dream dune"
"are you playing tennis"
"somewhere in tokyo"
"sunset dream"
"somewhere between waters"
"pyla dream"
"arizona dream"
"pool dream"
"dream lake"
"dream night"
"nice dream"
"somewhere nowhere"
"you are here at sunset"
"dream pink"
"dream pure"
"the gugg"
"wide beach cabins"
"one mile"
"fahrenheit II"
"exit on new york"
"dune 45"
"paris smarties"
"chrysler colors"
"stop at monument"
"47th floor"
"NY beach"
"ocean drive"
"captain america"
"paris subway"
"eiffel colors"
"tomato bridge"
"3 days in cap ferret"
"one way to love"
"seven miles"
"love street"
"kyoto cakes"
"colony cab"
"love tokyo"
"palm sands"
"golden roc red"
"pinky miami beach"
"artists point"
"rock empire"
"central park joggers"
"words of new york"
"stop in the name of love"
"stay on the road"
"salt & sun"
"on the rocks"
"nice plane"
"dune to sea"
"chamallow beach"
"blue cabins"
"beach road"
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