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Anne-K Imbert

After dedicating several years of her life to working with stone and restoring monuments, Anne-K Imbert interested herself to metal which allows for a more refined work.


It is important for Imbert to represent simple & modest details of our world such as a flower, a butterfly or a flying bird and to capture the universal harmony of such details in supple linear shapes. Imbert's sculptures are moments of life, instants of nature - fugitive, eternal, minuscule and infinite at the same time.


"pluie de fleurs"
"les oiseaux passent le ciel reste"
"le vent m'emportera"
"la nichée"
"la côte sauvage"
"la fin d'un été"
"bientôt l'envol"
"au bord des nuages"
"méli-mélo dans les dunes"
"des liserons dans la vigne"
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