Anne Boille

Since graduating from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Métiers dʼArt et des Arts Appliqués, Anne Boille has settled down her studio in Paris. She rediscovers and experiments with a meticulous and original technique: reverse glass painting, a technique consisting of painting on the back of a glass surface.

This painting method originated in Murano during the Renaissance period. At the time, glassmakers painted on ex-voto copies or other biblical objects. The painting method, after starting in Italy, became famous all around Europe but then became obsolete in the 19th century.


Anne Boille decided to use plexiglass instead of glass since the material is lighter and more robust. She finds inspiration from her daily life in Paris. Her themes are urban, contemporary and mostly in movement. This sensation of movement is skillfully emphasized by the use of fluorescent colors.

" 14 h - les passants "
" Café Flore "
" le beau cycliste "
" Sarah Bernhard "
" The Odeon "
" la plage "
" la petite terrasse "
" Café Gitane "
"les 4 saisons"
"quais de seine"
"sous la pluie"
"la fille sur velo"

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