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Andrea Pineros

Andrea Pineros designs jewelry based on the notions of structure and lightness. She is inspired by organic and architectural forms that combine strength and fragility.

For Andrea the thread is like the pencil for an architect. Between geometry and asymmetry, she draws in space to suggest the full and delimit the void. Her jewels are the translation of the aesthetic gaze that she poses on the world and of which she keeps only the essential.

After professional studies in design, she specialized at the AFEDAP school, in Paris, in the "contemporary jewelry" section. His professional career was built in manufacturing workshops for haute-couture fashion shows and flourished in the transmission of the profession.

In her artistic approach, Andrea exhibits regularly in specialized galleries of contemporary jewelry and since 2010 she has offered collections in limited editions, for a wider audience.

Andrea Pineros is recognized as an Art Craftsman by the Ateliers d'Art de France and is approved by the French Guarantee to work with precious metals. She is currently hosted by the Ateliers de Paris Incubators and benefits from the grant to the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation Personalized Support Program, to expand her artistic approach.

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