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Ali berg

Ali Berg has an eclectic background. Having worked for a time in the design industry, he devoted himself fully to photography after having taken courses in applied art in London.

We find in his artistic approach a certain number of influences, drawn from his past experience and from his multiple activities ranging from design to calligraphy.

His early works are a subtle blend of abstraction and realism. The use of torn posters, recalling the work of Jacques Villeglé, accentuates the urbanism of the landscapes. Through the accumulation of collages and the insertion of posters, Ali Berg testifies to the wearing character of the urban environment.

The artist's tour de force is to move by the modest setting, almost detached from the urban environment. The graphic insertion reveals to be a form of resistance to time and allows him to construct with subtlety this universe which is specific to him.

He thus mixes influences specific to the world of graphic design by a search for grace in the lines, sometimes recalling the style of old letters or correspondences of the XIXth century both in the arrangement of these works and in the work on the material. It indeed offers a unique decryption of these photographs using the insertion of writing.

"scène quai voltaire"
"pont royal paris"
"quai st michel 1"
"quai st michel 2"
"quai st michel 3"
"Seine Voyageur"
"préfecture seine"
"préfecture Dieu"
"architecte involontaire"
"cineac amsterdam"
"Louis Paris"
"lettre Eiffel"
"to amsterdam"
"quai st michel"
"pont au double"
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