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Alexandre Moliéra

Born on April 8, 1974, Alexandre Moliéra chose painting as his preferred mode of expression, while relying on photography. Its fluid material makes visible the vibrations of a reality that escapes us. His images, where nature and culture are sometimes closely intertwined, draw a landscape of disturbing density. Under the different layers of paint superimposed and deposited on the canvas in an instinctive gesture, the circulation of flows, the pulse of life, the dull breathing of a place shines through.


 Elisabeth Couturier, art critic .

"street life"
"street life marrakech"
"salon du louvre"
"rosier blanc"
"porte blanche"
"parking la défense"
"parking la défense paris"
"parking la défense"
"parking seine"
"escalier du louvre"
"chalutier camaret"
"camping car"
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